A blue and white vase sits on a shelf, ready to be discovered on an estate sale website.

Giving Back to Our Community

Come Find Your Treasure is more than just an estate sale website. We believe in not only finding new homes for your cherished items, but also giving back to the community through thoughtful donations.

Donate to Make a Difference

If you're looking to part with items that may no longer serve you but could bring joy to others, consider the following resources for donations. Whether it is advertising signs, a large e-mail customer base, an estate sale website, or social media. We do it All!

An estate sale website displaying a multitude of items for sale on a table.

Our Most Notable Partners

St. John of Lattingtown Episcopal Church

Vietnam Veterans of America

Salvation Army Family Stores

Society of Saint Vincent De Paul

Habitat for Humanity Restore - Store and Donation Center


  • Phone: (800) 584-5865
  • Website: JunkLuggers Charity Partners
  • Details: JunkLuggers charge by the truckload (approximately $700+). They strive to donate as many items as possible to the local community, benefiting those in need and contributing to environmental sustainability by keeping useful items out of landfills.

A living room with a couch, chair and bookshelf available for purchase on an estate sale website.

Share Treasures to Support

Feel free to explore these avenues and give a second life to your items while making a positive impact on the community. We are a part of our mission to share treasures and support those in need. Connect with us today!